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Chairman Welcomes

Casey Choi, Chairman

In the pursuit of empowering our member companies competing globally, Korea Plant Industries Association (KOPIA) has become a leading organization in promoting collaboration among the member companies and government agencies across the plant industry value chain. KOPIA aims to enhance competitiveness while creating more project opportunities for its members through funding feasibility studies and implementing collaborative training programs. KOPIA also helps the member companies market themselves more effectively to their global customers by hosting international forums and dispatching delegations to target countries.

Recently, our member companies have been diversifying plant markets from Middle East to various regions including CIS, South East Asia, Latin America, and Africa. It calls for effective risk management in the new countries. It also requires more cooperation among our member companies to remain competitive and profitable in the existing and emerging global markets.

KOPIA promises to make every effort to continue improving its services for the member companies and communicating with government agencies and key stakeholder, so the plant industry remains a main driving force in Korean and global economic development.

Thank you for your unwavering support for KOPIA, and I look forward to working with you.

KOPIA Chairman Casey Choi Casey Choi